Project Title Amount Funded (£) Description
Granton Goes Greener 5,150 Granton Parish Church primarily serves the communities of Granton, Wardieburn and Royston.  Strongly connected with voluntary agencies in the area and with the primary school.

The project offers a programme of workshops which reduce social isolation and build community.  The most successful and consistent of these is a weekly sewing class, also focused on poverty reduction, which teaches people both how to hand sew and use sewing machines to mend or upcycle clothes.  In addition to participants from the local area, the classes attract people from different geographical areas of the city and from a range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.

All of the project’s activities have a positive impact on the environment, teaching people to reduce, re-use and recycle in order to lower their carbon footprint.

Funding will contribute towards staffing costs.

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