Rapid Action Fund


The purpose of the Lord Provost’s Rapid Action Fund is to provide small grants to charities or constituted groups within the City of Edinburgh,  identified by the Lord Provost as having social inclusion needs which could be met by a small grant.  Grants must be used for projects which fit entirely within the Trust’s purpose of “advancing, facilitating and promoting the education, social welfare, human rights and the tackling of extreme inequalities in income and the alleviation of poverty among persons within the city of Edinburgh”.

Criteria for allocation of grants

• Grants will only be made to a charity or constituted group with a bank account in their name.
• Grants will normally be in the region of £1,000 to £2,000.


1. The application form must be completed, and emailed to the OCT secretariat, elaine@onecitytrust.com  along with evidence of a bank account in the organisations name.

2. The application will be reviewed and considered.  If successful a grant payment shall be made via a BACS payment/cheque.

3. The applicant organisation may be requested to take part in media / PR opportunities with the funders.

3. The applicant organisation must have spent the allocated funds within one year.

4. At the end of the Fund period, a final report must be submitted to the OCT Secretariat, which will subsequently be reviewed by the Board.

Download the Rapid Action Application Form here:

Lord Provost’s Rapid Action Fund Application Form 2020