Published in 2022 by Polygon Ltd

In 2022, the OneCity Trust published The People’s City, the forth book in their anthology.

Edinburgh is steeped in literary tradition.  A city whose beauty is matched only by the intrigue of its past.  To celebrate the city, its literature and its people, Polygon and the OneCity Trust have brought together authors – established and emerging – to write about the place they call home.

‘Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the production of the second OneCity Trust Book.  Let’s all take action, to try to eradicate poverty in our city.  In buying this book you are making a real difference in Edinburgh, by listening to and sharing the message that Edinburgh should no longer be a divided city but one city with one voice.’  Lesley Hinds: OneCity Trust Board Member

Our thanks are extended to our sponsors Travis Perkins Managed Services and Morrisons Energy Services for their sponsorship which assisted the Trust in publishing this book.  RRP is £7.99 with all proceeds going to the OneCity Trust.  Check out our Bookshop to buy your copy now